Engineering-geological and engineering-geodetic survey

  • Development of geodetic maps
  • Geodetic observations     
  • Tracing of linear objects     
  • Engineering and hydrographic work
  • Special geodetic and topographical work
  • Development and actualization of engineering and topographic plans, on site survey of underground communication objects and buildings 



  • Project development for remote control, automation and control of engineering system
  • Project development for signaling
  • Project development of  railway tracks
  • Project development for internal low-current systems
  • Project development for outdoor low-current systems





Development of technological documentation

  • Development of technological processes for railway transport
  • Specific engineering and consultant services
  • Development of standards and methodology for railways






Software Development

  • Software development for PLC
  • Software development of main-machine interfaces based on SCADA-systems
  • Software development for servers





Installation and supervision on low-voltage equipment mounting

  • Signaling devices mounting
  • Protection, communication and low voltage switchgears devices mounting 





Adjustment and commissioning of automated process control systems

  • Adjustment and commissioning work for automated process control and signaling system
  • Servicing of information systems


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